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Underground squirrels

Little Owl was wondering aloud over dinner, who was in charge of our house. Apparently they had always thought it was mummy, but then mummy got herself locked in at the allotment and daddy had to rescue her, so it … Continue reading

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The rain is pouring from the sky in torrents. On the allotment I lost a compost bin lid and the downpipe on my shed to the wind, but thankfully the greenhouse has come through with no ill-effects. Upstairs Finch is … Continue reading

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This week at Little Owl’s nursery they have had some eggs in an incubator and it has caused a major stir. Every day the children have been able to go and visit the eggs. Each morning Little Owl has been … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning and there was a little bird’s egg, about the size of my thumb, smashed on the window sill of my studio. It had obviously taken a tumble from one of the nests in our guttering. … Continue reading

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I flew back to Scotland on Friday evening. As soon as we crossed the border the turbulence started. We bounced and bumped our way onto the runway. I stepped off the aeroplane and as I inhaled I could taste the … Continue reading

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