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The rain is pouring from the sky in torrents. On the allotment I lost a compost bin lid and the downpipe on my shed to the wind, but thankfully the greenhouse has come through with no ill-effects. Upstairs Finch is … Continue reading

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This week at Little Owl’s nursery they have had some eggs in an incubator and it has caused a major stir. Every day the children have been able to go and visit the eggs. Each morning Little Owl has been … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning and there was a little bird’s egg, about the size of my thumb, smashed on the window sill of my studio. It had obviously taken a tumble from one of the nests in our guttering. … Continue reading

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I flew back to Scotland on Friday evening. As soon as we crossed the border the turbulence started. We bounced and bumped our way onto the runway. I stepped off the aeroplane and as I inhaled I could taste the … Continue reading

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